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The Electrolux Company has recently been a leader in home and appliances for the kitchen for over 90 years. They are recognized for their progressive products that are centered on sleek design and consumer input. They tune in to their customers and create appliances that they know their shoppers want. This kind of is why Electrolux devices are always highly ranked then sell well in every market. And they are easy to fix and we have the parts you need to get them fixed.

Their line of products is more than just vacuum cleaners and washers; they are also known for their refrigerators, dishwashers, cookers, and air con. The Electrolux brand is bigger than just the name Electrolux. Electrolux is a very big company and some of their brands are not certainly part of the Electrolux family. AEG, Eureka, and Frigidaire are all brands owned by Electrolux. Above nine decades ago, the company was founded by Axel Wenner-Gren. Wenner-Gren wished to increase the quality of life of modern families. Electrolux still holds consumer satisfaction as their main goal. Probably the most interesting developments that came from Electrolux is the modern carpet cleaner, which was invented by the Electrolux founder in 1908 and was the reason the company became successful. He had seen a really large, expensive, and clunky machine that was the predecessor to the modern vacuum. He knew that if he could make the machine smaller, less heavy, and cheaper, he could sell one to every house in the country and around the world. This idea proved to be true along with the first World War, pressure cleaners and refrigerators that had been made by Electrolux were, in fact, being sold all over the world. The founder of Electrolux has not been an engineer or an inventor, but this individual was a wonderful salesman. This individual was the originator of the home sales model. His sales people would go door-to-door, demonstrating the vacuum cleaner and allowing people to acquire it by using an installment plan. Sales did start to skyrocket, so much so that the manufacturing vegetation could not keep up with demand. This contributed to the rapid development of the company and lots of manufacturing plants being built across Europe and the United States. The 1935 release of an efficient refrigerator by Sears Roebuck started a fad that continues to this day. Electrolux jumped on to this streamlined look with their vacuums in order to keep program the modern aesthetic. From that point on just how kitchen appliances looked was of similar importance as how they functioned. This can be still a feature that Electrolux uses when creating their new designs. They are on the cutting advantage of design, function, and kitchen appliances that keep Electrolux at the entrance of the home product market.