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If you own a Harley of any kind there are an unbelievable amount of ways to customize your bike if you so wish. Out of all the Harley-Davidson models the VRSC series is one of the most popular when it comes to creating custom builds with the wide range of Harley Parts available from a variety of different manufacturers throughout the world. There is really no limit to what you can do to create a look that is not only stunning but is also unique. Some of the world’s most renowned motorcycle customs are Harley V-Rod’s.

So what Harley Parts are available? First of all one of the most popular ways to create a real custom look is to work on the actual bodywork of the motorcycle. Every single body part on a V-Rod can be replaced with some innovative and quality designs. Fenders, Air box Covers, Radiator Covers are all things that can be replaced. Normally these are specially molded into a Fiberglass Shell that come ready to paint. When you receive the parts they won’t look like much at first but once they are painted and fitted to your Harley you will stand back and notice a real difference in the style from what you had before. Most body parts come with everything you require to fit them and are normally very easy to fit.

If you want to give the back end of your Harley some serious attitude then a lot of people opt for a wide tire conversion. If you want to do this right then it is probably going to be something that is going to burn a bit of a hole in your pocket but if you a serious about making the change then the results can be amazing! The Harley Parts that are normally involved in a custom wide tire conversion are a change of swing arm, wheel, tire, outboard bearing support, rear fender and a new seat. The biggest wide tire conversion I have heard of is for a 330 tire and I also know that there are single sided swing arms available.

Away from looks, there are a lot of performance parts available as well. Exhaust Systems & Fuel Injection Kits from numerous suppliers can give your ride a kick up the backside if you want some additional horsepower. These systems will also produce great sound and can increase HP by up to 10%.